Ikefukurou cafe♥ - 国内ブリードふくろう、ミーアキャット、ハリネズミとのふれあい
We used to serve meals, but after we moved new place, we just provide one bottle of drink per customer.

When we moved place, we talked with Human society, then we have divide to provide one bottle of drink per customer.

The above facts we still using same shop name.

We would like ask you to have a look at our Homepage to find the same information.

Our owls have been taking care by professionals breeders since theye were born, so they are used to human being, which distinguish them from other owls growing in wild. In addition, we have them checked by veterinary on a regular basis to make sure they are in good condition. 

As for the reason behind keeping certain types of owls in the cages at night,because of safety. 
Some owls fell down from the stand and can't get back themselves.

We are opened new store in kichijyoji.
Owl & Meerkat & Hedgehog
How to come to kichijyoji:weekday 13:00-20:00  weekend 12:00-19:00

Weekend and public holiday

If you come late price and finish time are same
*Cash Only
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ikefukuroucafe  or  ikefukuroucafe+kichijyoji or ginzaowl
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                                                                            Toshimaku Minami ikebukuro 1-17-1 6F
The best station is ikebukuro station
2. Turn right and go straight 
4. Next Matsumotokiyoshi is ramen shop which is call MUTEKIYA (long queue)